About Us

Kalaneca began with a single vision-

'To put the legacy of Uppada Sarees on the Handloom Map of the world'

The word Kalaneca comes from two words

Kala- which means skill/art

Neca- Arabic word Nikah which means marriage

Rooted in ancient textile wisdom, Kalaneca is a charismatic tale of womanhood woven into exquisite fabrics which personifies female resilience and celebrates the country’s indigenous brilliance.

Envisioned in the year 2014, the journey of Kalaneca formally began in 2018 as the culmination of the collective dreams of Ramya Rao and Kavea R Chavali inspired by their Mother – Lata Rao, fondly called Amma. The entrepreneurial spirit of the twin-sisters is a derivative legacy inherited from their beloved Amma. The siblings witnessed Amma’s eye for sophistication – through her preference for the choicest of Uppada sarees and her business acumen of sourcing and spreading this shared love for elegance with friends and family; thereby etching early-age lessons of accessible grandeur and independence on their captivated minds. Till date, Uppada sarees - originating from the East Godavari district of Andhra Pradesh uplifts the holy spirit of womenfolk all across geographies.

Besides, the life of the sister’s has always been art-in-motion with their childhood passion being the revered classical dance forms – Bharatnatyam and Kuchipudi being instrumental in relaying the message of poise and amplifying the importance of aesthetics in personal attire. This, coupled with their dynamic-living courtesy of the Naval background of their Father, the twosome got first-hand experience of the assorted artistry enclothing India throughout their formative years.

Fascinated with the multi-cultural feminine identity and the creative excellence of native artisans, the sisters decided to take this kālā of the talented kārigārs to the global stage to exhibit their breathtaking designs – an effortless interplay of extra-ordinary weaving and stunning vibrancy. 

We aim to encourage the discovery of the time-honoured drapes of Southern India signifying the sartorial grace of generations of foremothers to be passed on as a “blessing” to the new-age saree-lovers. A saree is and will always be a trusted companion of both - cherished nostalgia and upcoming milestones.