Did you notice that when someone wears a good dress you marvel at it and appreciate and ask ‘Where you bought it from’ but when they wear a Saree the question changes to ‘where is it woven from’ or ‘what is this weave’ 

The weaving industry of our country has produced some remarkable designs over the last 100 years and some patterns that were long forgotten were revived again with the fashion renaissance occurring in this Gen Z era. More than the technicalities, it is the behavioral change that has accepted the beauty and hard work of the weavers. And yes the  SAREE is an Indian identity that is the pride for every woman to let her slip into an attire that gives her the freedom to style. From staring at the mother’s pallu to understanding the wholesome look of a saree the journey to these details is also like a weaving process of the saree. 

The warp and weft are like 2 personalities in us intertwined with one strong weave that helps us attain a STHIRA in our personality, just the way the weaver lets his/her craftsmanship remain in the saree. 

The handloom saree is not just a promotion of designs but a promotion of our true vivacious Indian identity.

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