” Remember the times when we had all SEEN our mothers and dear ones in a SAREE.

Reminisce the times when so many of us during the Teacher’s Day WORE the SAREE

It is now time to dwell in wonderful conversations and HEAR about the SAREE “

That’s right, our conviction to take forward our love for sarees, got us to create India’s first ever SAREE PODCAST – SIX YARDS & SIX QUESTIONS

Having met some wonderful saree crusaders in the world of social media and having admired their signature styles of representing a saree, it seemed befitting to have our podcast bring forth conversations not only from saree influencers but thinking people who could share their journey and knowledge of the sarees that shaped their lives.

We chose to be on the ANCHOR platform by SPOTIFY which allowed us to distribute our podcast episodes across many other platforms such as APPLE PODCASTS, GOOGLE PODCASTS and more. Do search for us and you will be pleasantly surprised.

Well now that you have happily stumbled upon this page let us take you through some interesting snippets we gathered and some memorable experiences we enjoyed during the recordings of the podcast

We launched our 1st episode on the 13th Feb marking the love just before the valentine’s day and as we write this blog we are already editing our 10th episode.It is indeed a matter of honour to not just connect with some amazing personalities but also enjoy their riveting stories that took us back to times when we raided our mother’s wardrobes and closets full of sarees to play dress up.

Our 1st set of guests included The Saree Man _ Himanshu Verma, Viji Venkatesh,Chinna Dua, Ashwini Narayan, Isha Priya Singh

From understanding gender fluidity of the saree through The SAREE MAN Himanshu Verma, to chatting with the fantastic Viji Venkatesh who loves her sarees as much as her tattoos, to the resplendent and aura filled Chinna Dua to the chirpy Wini Narayan who is making the saree look so hip, to having deep conversations with Isha Priya Singh the Desi at heart yet residing in Dubai, our platter of stories seemed to be growing wider with nuggets of insights, learning and some fun banter.

As a team we have always believed that the SAREE never asks you to fit in which is why it doesn't need to endorse product tags like the M, L,XL none of these ever.It blends with you, your body and personality to always make you stand out. Our next 5 guests are pioneering the Saree by making it stylish not only in their online and offline avatars but are also bringing forth the nuances through their knowledge something that we got an opportunity to listen to and go wow.

The 2nd set of guests include Nikaytaa , Tanaya , Srushti Rao , Aparna Rao & Sanjay Kumar

For our next 5 episodes, we tried creating more value in our conversations and we brought on board Nikayta of the Indian Draping Co who educated on the difference between a handloom saree and a powerloom saree. She also explained how the handloom industry worked towards sustainability and through her insights we could extract technical aspects of the saree and rich heritage in the episode that was divided into 2 parts

Our journey towards connecting with pioneering names continued with the pictureque Tanaya based in Australia also known for her blog PleatsnPallu, or a Srushti Rao who is a corporate communication professional and yet a Saree addict and a crusader herself , to having Sanjay Kumar who is not only an environmentalist but also a saree lover, or Aparna Rao who is creating amazing saree styles and exploring the online world sharing her creativity.

The myriad guests featured so far have always enthused us with their thoughts and just like a saree they have a quirk of their own and are deeply rooted despite having a modern outlook. And guess what, we even shot a video podcast with the famed Vijayalaxmi Chabbra -Ex DG of Doordarshan. It was Women’s Day when we went to the studio to do the shoot but what lingered with us were the happy memories over a cup of chai and some eye opening conversations with her. Women’s Day done right we say.

Our journey is only getting more exciting as we feature more and more stellar people who are not just making a difference in the online space with their posts and words but are also impacting people with their individuality. The podcast has already got listeners from all of India, the USA, Japan, Australia and UAE and many more and this quest to celebrate the fabric of freedom will only continue in its colorful glory.

And with that let the stories begin –

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