While the skilled weavers create magic on the loom showcasing their artistic abilities on the six yards fabric, it is the team of photographers, friends and artists who come together to bring to you the story we want to convey from every saree.

We have been blessed to have our talented friends join us onboard every time we wanted to bring to you the fantastic weaves from Andhra. Every shoot is a party. It makes the entire atmosphere light and fun. We catch up on our conversations either over a glass of wine, salads and of course lots of water. Got to stay hydrated folks! So,It is our years of friendship with such fabulous women that also converts into a day filled with weaves, ideas,creativity and a lot of fun. Today we take this opportunity to share some images and stories behind every shoot.

The cofounders with the gorgeous muse for Ravali Series, Editor and writer Sharon Irani

The Ravali series was a fantastic photo shoot filled with colors, lights, munchies and of course loads of Red bulls 🙂 .A continuous shoot from the morning till the evening needed that dose of energy. Sharon and we go back to a decade long friendship. For our silk creations, we couldn’t have chosen anybody else. She was a vision in every drape and gorgeous in every frame.

Cofounders Ramya Rao & Kavea R Chavali look pleased with the work by Photographer Ameya

We have always encouraged having our own friends who bring out their artistic personality unlike having just models on board. Why is that our mantra? Models are fantastic for products and bring in their experience. However every Kalaneca saree is unique just like the personalities of each one of us. Every saree takes a form that you give and hence it becomes imperative for us to research into the journey of the saree and the person who will feature in that saree. The aim is to be YOUnique in every saree you drape.

Our cofounders with singer Lopamudra for the Parineeta Series photographed by Prafful Samarth

The parineeta series came to life with Singer Lopamudra bringing in her natural vibe to the cotton sarees she draped. It was absolutely effortless. The ease with which she carried off the sarees truly can be seen in the final pictures which were loved by you all. Breathtaking indeed!

With the fantastic Photographer Mr Abhijit, HMU artists Blush Banana and Hair by Pratiksha at The Hive Gym in Mumbai. The co-founders were featured in the Abhinaya &The Silk Darbar series. They created layers with their previous sarees to create a fantastic background for the shoot.

Some of the artists featured here singers, editors, actors and most important women with individuality. Kalaneca is proud to associate with people who bring their natural aura to the saree and the photo-shoot.

Every saree shoot has been oodles of fun. There is laughter, joy, funny faces that don’t make it to the final edit but stay in our archives to cherish every moment. It is experiences like these that bring good vibes and energy to every drape presented to you. Truly, six yards of fun and freedom

The co-founders with Model Mariette Valsan for a fantastic collaboration breaking stereotypes of a saree, along with the awesome photographer Prafful Samarth

Do share with us what do you think of our sarees and stories. We look forward to hearing from all of you . We also would like to know what new do you want to see in Kalaneca. Drop-in your comments as together, teamwork will make Dreamwork.


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