We were introduced to Indian Classical dances at a very young age by our mom which truly created a foundation for how we communicate, share a thought or express our feelings.

We were recently asked, does a saree convey anything? It is a mere fabric after all?

If our childhood taught us how to express through dance, it is our journey through Kalaneca that we brought the expression alive on six yards through our work.

A saree is not a mere fabric. It is a creation of love, warmth, precision and a lot of hard work. It is a coming together of colors that dance together and choreograph a work of art through warp & weft. So it is not a surprise that a saree expresses and goes through every emotion that we go through with it.

Your saree expresses happiness and joy when you are with your loved ones.A saree expresses anger every time you see something wrong happening in the society. A saree cries with you when you are in pain. A saree rejoices the best moments with you at your wedding. The same saree also looks back at your best memories with your family but welcomes the new family you will be part of.

That very saree always feels delighted when you open your trunk/box after years and shares the same excitement with you. Most importantly the same saree takes the legacy forward as you pass it on to your daughter /daughter-in-law with immense happiness and pride

A saree travels every moment with you and even after you are gone. It is the only best friend that unconditionally drapes around your joy, sorrows, excitement and every emotion you go through.

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