Sibling Selfie at LFW sitting in the front row


It is that time of the year where colors, creativity and sustainability came together under one roof. The Jio World Center played the perfect host for the most looked forward to Lakme Fashion Week in association with Nexa (organized jointly by IMG Reliance and Lakme ).We at Kalaneca had a ball of a time on Day 2 of LFW in Mumbai. Lakme Fashion week turned 20 years this year! Truly 2020 we say!

We witnessed some fabulous fashion enthusiasts, thoughtful sessions on waste packaging, caught up with some interesting celebrities but the real celebrity for this year’s fashion show was ‘Ethical Fashion’ .

Our co-founders, twin sisters Ramya Rao & Kavea R Chavali chose to style their handwoven uppada silk sarees in new age style truly making heads turn at one of the most fashionable events in the country. It was an evening of style, fashion, watching the work of art on the ramp and also bumping into some beautiful people after a very long time.

Our stunning Co-founder Ramya Rao in her new No-Pin drape created and styled by herselfOur gorgeous co-founder Kavea R Chavali smiling wide in a drape style created on her own
Wearing handwoven sarees, our co-founders truly made a statement that handloom sarees can be sexy as hell ! Why does one need a gown when the most versatile fabric , the saree does the magic for you ! The sheer magic they created out of these lightweight silk sarees from Uppada can truly be seen in the pictures above.

Meanwhile, as we walked further inside the beautifully created installations at LFW, we spotted a very interesting kiosk of RElan , the fabric of the future. There was also music, café, food, chit-chat and oodles of fun all around.

Sania Mirza the Showstopper

The effervescent sports star Sania Mirza was the showstopper for the fabulous work of art by EkaCo in association with Govt Of Telangana. Look at our cofounders smiling wide as they are spotted in this picture sitting in the front row to watch the walk on the ramp unfold.

Catching up with the most talented Mallika Dua after a long time

One of the fantastic surprises for us was meeting Mallika Dua after a very long time. How could we not resist capturing this moment. Precious indeed 🙂

All in all, the Lakme Fashion Week for Kalaneca was truly beyond magic on the ramp. It was a fabulous evening and an experience to begin 2020 on a fantastic note.

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