Sarees & Strength

Sarees & Strength

When you opt to be yourself, you feel the power in you.
When you are true to yourself, you feel the strength inside you.
When you choose not to put any filter to adjust into the outside world, you will feel the grace and elegance in you.
When you fee comfortable inside out, you will feel the magic rise within you

In a world surrounded by toxicity, negativity and self doubt, if you are choosing to fly by yourself ditching all the stereotypes & all the impurities , you are bound to face challenges.
If you are opting to be yourself, you will face the hatred, but all of this only align themselves to give you inner strength & inner confidence.
After all Strength and confidence are not all about going aggressive and doing hardcore physical activities, your strength is all about focusing on your growth & progress without feeling low for your flaws.

And we are here with a wonderful woman who just not only opted to be herself but is also inspiring others by sharing her journey, her inspirations, her thoughts.

KALANECA collaborated with Sudipta Mondal, a plant based athlete and a certified fitness trainer who believes in holistic growth by imbibing plastic free products, chemical free makeup and focuses on living a sustainable life.

A believer of the natural way of life, Sudipta has always voiced her love towards a sustainable lifestyle avoiding the route towards fast fashion.
Here is a glimpse of Sudipta so beautifully styled in a Boggili posi kattukovadam drape, A kastha saree drape and normalizing that yes you can wear a saree and DO & BE whatever and whoever you want.


Also do not miss out on the making of the shoot that brings out her fun and fierce side.(

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