Sarees & Sangrias by Kalaneca

Sarees & Sangrias by Kalaneca

Bengaluru! What a vibe!

When we came up with the concept of 'Sarees&Sangrias' little did we know it would be such a massive hit where we bring together women and men from different backgrounds to connect with one another with a common love for handwoven sarees.

The perfect venue could not have been better than the stunning Khmer Kitchen in JP Nagar which is confluence or art and decor inspired from Asia. This cambodian cuisine inspired restaurant truly played a fantastic host to all the lovely people who joined us .We chatted, sipped handcrafted sangrias which were on point and shopped favourite handwoven Uppada silks from Kalaneca

While our humble and sweet weavers explained about the handwoven sarees to all the lovely people, it was wonderful to see the smiles and joy of knowing what an UPPADA handloom is. The curiosity of the people around, the amazement of the motif work displayed ,the sangria glasses in the hands and the delicious starters to keep our tummies filled, it truly was one fulfilling evening to be remembered forever.

Thank you for all the love towards 'Sarees&Sangrias'.We can't wait to meet many more of you in our next edition of this concept.

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