In a country like India filled with designs, artworks, paintings, handicrafts, etc. you will be amazed by the techniques and tools every time you visit here. Diversity in terms of art and culture is vast and vibrant.

Be it the beautiful textiles like ikkat, Pashmina shawls of Kashmir, Phulkari embroidery from Punjab and Haryana, Bamboo handicrafts of East India, Terracotta works of Assam, Warlis art of Gujrat and Maharashtra, you will find a spirit of that place seeped in that gives you a taste of our culture.

And Rajasthan is one such place in India that is world-famous for its designs, colours, beauty and intricacy. It is the home of unique designs crafts and techniques, praised by everyone not only in Rajasthan and in India but all over the world.

These authentically manufactured or prepared items of Rajasthan be it painting, textiles, pottery, jewelry all are hand-made using natural and organic materials. These are organic and made using natural colors, fabrics, etc. that not only make them environmentally friendly and skin-friendly but give them an artistic approach and truly present Rajasthani culture and Heritage. The very well known bandhani sarees, block prints, lehariya sarees, and even blue pottery are the true example of this vibrancy of art.

And a small visit to Shilpgram and a government emporium in Udaipur left me stunned when I heard about a very interesting concept of sarees. I came across the beautiful sarees which are handmade Sitafal or custard apple sarees. These sarees are made up of threads that are spun out of the custard apple peel and trees which are grown organically, making this saree truly organic and nature friendly. Made using natural threads , these sarees don’t require any starch. They become naturally stiff when dried in Sun and if dried in shade they remain so soft that it can be passed through a ring. Some sarees are made using threads of Bamboo skin with the same concept and technique. These sarees usually have a silk-like texture and a premium feel.

We are sure some of you are hearing about these conceptual sarees for the very first time
Isn't it mind-blowing?

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Image Courtesy: Google and Pinterest


  • Veena

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  • Savi

    I need custurd apple made saree

  • Tara

    I need a saree made out of custard apple , please let me know the price

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