Saree Baatein on Valentine’s Day

Saree Baatein on Valentine’s Day


Gifts and roses are a must, dinner and flowers are obvious. The feeling of love remembering the Bollywood and melodious 50s songs should sing in our heads.
It’s like a yearly emotion wrapped in a day with a beautiful pink/red bow

But then again we have become so aware of our emotions that we realise that Valentine's day is not just all love and romance, but also a day to thank everyone you love, everyone who adds value to your life, and thank those who helped you grow.
So on this day, we decided to take this opportunity to thank our clients, our supporters, our DIVAS OF KALANECA for sharing their love for handwoven sarees by shopping with us their favourite weaves.

But hey we also want to make it slightly quirky and share how our love started , so we would love to turn the pages to give you a glimpse into how we have evolved in past few years through our CLIENT DIARIES posters that we created.

PS - A quick recap of our creations through our creatives.

Since childhood, we have been wearing sarees, flaunting them & falling in love with them every day. But to share this love for sarees with all other saree enthusiasts,we came up with the idea of KALANECA. A place where one can find an exclusive collection of handwoven sarees from the shores of uppada as well as India.
In the journey of sharing this love for weaves, we have been attracted to many different stories, different clients, different smiles, and different cultures.

So here it begins-

In the year 2015, when we were just started out our journey, our beautiful client Nupur Bandyopadhyay from Kolkatta was seen draped in beautifully woven Kalaneca silk saree who shared her picture with us.
We were thrilled to see our excitement for sarees with others, and seeing our family grow everyday

In the year 2016, the splendid Sowmya Suresh in Muscat, shared this picture of hers radiating in an Uppada kollam design saree, we couldn't help but notice what a stunner she turned out to be.

Celebration in a saree is beautiful but celebrating the saree with a party is what makes this pic so Epic. Yes, when our client all the way from USA contacted us and shared her idea of celebrating the saree with a party, we were amazed at this interesting concept. Too cool right ? We were extremely excited to be a part of this kind of party. And how beautifully it turned out.

Raising a toast to to all you beautiful women🤗


This was a very special post, So here goes the story. Our client Vidya Singh from Bangalore got in touch with a beautiful yet a specific request for an Uppada jamdani saree.

We collaborated with our Weaver Srini for the design and color. We brainstormed our way to creating this beauty using 3 weavers and weaving for 25 days to bring out this sunshine beauty.

And the oh so stunning Vidya is seen here in our Handwoven signature jamdani saree for a very special occasion. But we can't thank her enough for trusting us with the process and giving us the confidence to take the journey forward.

Stories and women behind such stories truly inspire us to do our best .


We always believe that while you choose a saree, a saree also chooses YOU. Here is the dynamic Ilham from Spain, a yogini, Reiki Master, International bellydancer Artist and most importantly an avid traveler who loves to spread love and joy wherever she goes. How captivating to see the dancer wear the handwoven cotton saree with dance motifs. (This got us jumping with Happy Feet)

We are immensely honoured to have an artist like her drape the Kalaneca Saree.

And what you see below are some of the shining women among many who have draped our sarees. We couldn’t fit in all our clients across the globe who have shopped from us but these pics will surely give an idea of the evolving creatives we made to represent them.




The most exquisite thing on this planet is effervescence in the eyes of people when they talk about something they love. And when it comes to sarees, our eyes are always wide open and our heart is dwelling in every weave of a saree.


We listen. We design. At Kalaneca, we measure our success by how our clients feel about our six yards! Their reviews & feedback is an affirmation that we are doing something right that is bringing us so much more love every day.

which is why after a lot of thought we realised that our clients are nothing less than a DIVA- Alluring, Intelligent and a superwoman. So by 2021 we created a strong message in our creative captivating their power and we designed the #DivasOfKalaneca to celebrate the six yards of awesomeness.

So yes dear friends , that’s a tiny glimpse into our evolution of celebrating the sarees and the people who have draped our handwoven and handcrafted sarees with so much love.

We are truly GRATEFUL.

At Kalaneca, We try and go that extra mile at every level for our customers!

We hope you enjoyed reading our humble journey.
Love is what makes this world thrive and survive. Love after all is what brings the emotion in a so called transactional business too.

We, at Kalaneca, would like to wish our saree enthusiasts a Very Happy Valentine's Day

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