Revolutionizing Saree Style in B-School

Revolutionizing Saree Style in B-School

Sarees have forever been seen as power statement but limited to the CEOs, politicians,Professors, the ACHIEVERS.

Think about it , when was the last time you wore a saree casually to a class instead of waiting for that day of convocation to show off either your mom's vintage saree or a saree bought from your own money.

When Kalaneca created 'The CEO Club' the intention was exactly to let the world know that everyone is an achiever, everyone is a CEO of their life.

Our co-founder Ramya Rao did exactly that in her 18-month MBA journey at the most reputed B-School. Her classmates till date remember the first time they noticed her on Day-1 of the induction in the college where she chose to wear Salmon Pink Uppada Silk Saree in a cowl style drape pairing it with a blazer.

A saree makes a powerful statement and a style created by Kalaneca ,the cowl style saree drape elevates your saree game to next level.

So why did Ramya Rao choose to wear the cowl style saree drape and redefine what formal wear looks like? In her words' There was nothing new i was doing by wearing a saree to an institution. Women have done this decades back. My mom used to wear a saree back in her college days. What i chose to do is wear it in a style that defines who I am and what comfort and style means to me'.

At Kalaneca we believe a saree unlike other garments does not come with a S, M, L ,XL tag. It truly celebrates six yards of freedom. Ramya Rao chose to live that line every single time during her MBA days as well. And if you thought this was her attire for her classes only in India, you would be surprised to know that she took her saree style international as well.

5 Sarees, 3 different saree style with the signature cowl style saree drape being her favourite, made it to the class in none other than INSEAD Singapore. Check her instagram reel here

 Taking the saree style to global B-School colleges and sealing the stamp of India and Saree , Ramya Rao truly shines through in her choice of attire with a belief that a saree can be an attire worn by students as well.

Her favourite compliment has been when people have recognised the cowl style and Kalaneca and told her that seeing her , they want to now wear sarees and enjoy the art of draping a saree.


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