While growing up in one of the most colorful and artistic cities of India, Jaipur, we happened to experience its sheer beauty and glory in many different ways.

Jaipur, a land where royalty is the way of living, is known as the "Land of Maharajas".
A place vibrant with colors in clothes and walls have tales to tell about the rich culture and traditions of the city.

A place where the desert has witnessed the bravery of our rulers and their achievements.

Opulent architecture, textile printing, mirrors, and zari work on clothes, precious metals are a true delight to the eyes of every person who has ever visited this city.

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Among all such royal colors of Rajasthan, an unforgettable image of royalty is the Last Maharani of Jaipur, Rajmata Gayatri Devi. She is the epitome of grace.

Her flawless sense of style reflected her royalness and modern view of life. She exuded a powerful, strong personality draped in beautiful handwoven sarees paired with the most elegant and minimalistic jewels of the time "two strand pearl necklaces" and earrings.

In her book " A Princess Remembers: The memoirs of the maharani of Jaipur", she wrote, how her mother and grandmother always inspired her to style and contributed to her choices and sense of fashion. Her grandmother's saying "never wear emerald with green saree as I had, they look so much better with pink", is still used by many of us as our fashion mantra.

She has also quoted in her interviews that her inspiration for her elegance and royalty was always her mother who knew where to shop and how to style herself elegantly.

Her love for beautiful chiffon sarees in pastel colors can be seen in every social gathering or political meetings.

She truly got us all intrigued about the importance of handwoven weaves and is surely one of the reasons behind many women choosing a saree as the next outfit to wear their style and power

Being a saree enthusiastic and a handloom saree brand, we salute her elegance and royalty .

She inspired the world around through her journey from a Rajkumari (princess) to Rajmata to Rajneeti (Politics) and will always evoke six yards of elegance and grace through her work , words and weaves.


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