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We have been sitting on this very exciting news for such a long time, but now we can't keep this to us. This is so huge! Super stoked to get featured in " The Times of India". Crazy isn’t it ? This is exciting for so many reasons, we don't even know where to start. Okay!! So, it all started a few weeks ago when we twin sisters along with our family members headed for a trip to Lambasingi in Andhra Pradesh. We planned the trek to the mountain top & we thought let’s wear our sarees and go trekking . Yes! You heard it right. We chose our sarees and draped them in Boggili Posi kattukoddam style, which is more comfortable and unique to wear.Now this style of drape came originally from the shepherd community of Andhra. It is a style where the saree is worn like a giant skirt.

For us, sarees have always been the most comfortable and most stylish attire for any kind of task and activity. And even if you come over to our hometown Kakinada, you will see many women riding the bicycles in sarees. In a nutshell, the saree for us is six yards of freedom and lets us express ourselves just the way we want to be. Sarees are generally seen as a traditional garment that may not fit in our new lifestyle, but the truth is if you can experiment with the drapes and styling of the sarees it can be the most comfortable outfit anyone can wear. Now let’s take you back to our Andhra Kashmir- Lambasingi. After trekking for almost 3 hrs and approximately 12 kms we enjoyed the view and scenery and clicked some pictures with the local tribe. It was such fun with us speaking in Telugu and they responding in their local tribal language, in the end we came down to sign language and showed them the 📷. 

Co -Founder Ramya with a local tribe member on mountain top- Lambasingi

We soon moved to the ziplining spot and without any hesitation we along with our 66 year old mom went straight up to the zipline spot

Now it so happened that we tweeted our videos of the trek and ziplining on our profile. But it took the curious eyes of a journalist from "The Times of India" who contacted us and got us to share our story of the trek. Yes, all this happened because of a tweet. That's the power of a single Tweet.

We spend so much time on social media but it’s what we create outside of social media that becomes a trend on these platforms. Sharing a powerful message and experiences through a powerful channel can do wonders. It allows people to connect & witness different experiences and stories which lead to new information and new adventures.

Now that’s not all. Within 2 days we were featured in the prolific industry magazine for textiles & fashion -"FIBRE2FASHION".

We are truly grateful for the opportunities to share our weavers’s passion and our hardwork through these different media publications and features , but as always we will be eternally grateful to YOU for lending your time in reading our stories and encouraging us to weave more memories that celebrate Indian handloom.

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  • Brinda Ramkrishnan

    I am looking forward to the new thoughts and ideas. Being an extreme traditionalist by conditioning i am enjoying the newness yet slightly inclined to earlier styles. Thankyou

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