A fad for few, a way of living for many yet a term used by most.

For Kalaneca ,it has been steady progress towards working on creating a sustainable cycle in terms of packaging and delivery. This has been a journey of self reflection and realization. It isn’t an easy decision to let go off plastic in packaging as sarees need utmost care till the customer receives it. Rains, dust, bad handling by the shipment companies can sometimes hamper the newness and the beauty of a handwoven saree.

So our team came together to brainstorm and address this issue. We tried the paper bags, recycled paper bags, recycled designer saree bags, we even tried partnering with teams that could create good designs. But either those bags turned out to be too bulky and weighed more in terms of our freight expenses or they reached our customer in dilapidated condition making the ultimate sacrifice to protect the handwoven sarees. This sounds filmy but is the truth friends. After months of research, we finally chose to recreate the experience, the way our customers receive our sarees.

Et Voila! Our new handmade bags are a creation of love and skill. Embossed with our logo of strength and our care. We collaborated with the Yellow Bags Foundation to ensure high standards in terms of quality that is maintained in creating these beautiful bags. We are really happy with the outcome and are pleased with the response from all our customers What is even more exciting is that the plastic bags in which our handmade bags and sarees get packed are also recyclable. Yes! Those plastic bags can be recycled.

While narrowing down our choices in plastic packaging, we needed to be conscious of what kind of plastic bags we are sending and what message does this truly send to the world around. Single-use plastics are something we really believe in cutting down as much as possible so when we chanced upon recyclable plastic bags, we decided to go ahead with those bags and also leave a message to our customers to reuse the bag for any other purpose before just throwing it off in the dustbin.

We also chose to write this message on a seed paper and have the customers plant the seed paper after reading the message. We connected with SeedPaper India for this.

What gives us a sense of fulfillment is to create an experience for our customers like nobody else.

With every Kalaneca handwoven saree, our customers will not only own a fabric of legacy and a handmade bag of love but will also be part of a community that contributes towards a green environment by planting the seedpaper as well as reusing/recycling the plastic bags.

So go ahead and shop for your favorite sarees to be a proud owner of stylish yet sustainable fashion presented by KALANECA



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