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Cushioned in a quiet yet windy corner of Andhra is a Hamlet that holds historic significance for it’s weaves.
Welcomes by the coherant tides of the place,you are welcomed to the village that boasts of a Weaver in almost every household.
The Uppada sarees have been long known for it’s unique weaving process and a legacy of weavers who have across the generations lived the dream of getting the women to drape their beautiful creations.
One of the only online store for the Uppada Sarees is KALANECA that has been on the forefront of promoting these beautiful weaves and constantly aiming to promote the work of the weavers and the culture of Uppada
Stay tuned to our blog where we share the journey,the process,the weavers and the team that have a remarkable passion to spread the beauty of silk and the joy of sarees across the world.

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