An idea that was born out of Pure Passion……

Passion for Colours,fabrics,designs,Passion for Indian Sarees and Passion to reach out to the admirers of Authentic drapes……….

This era belongs to Elegance and Style and we bring to you the most stylish drapes from the Coastal Andhra Pradesh- UPPADA ( Well just when you thought that the words ‘coastal’ or ‘Uppada’ didn’t sound so stylish…..why not try our exclusive sarees because -Seeing is believing!)

At Kalaneca we promise to offer you the best of the quality, exclusive designs and rare colour combinations.

An endeavour to bring together our collection to all the admirers of gorgeous drapes.

Every drape has a story to tell where the writer weaves every thread with passion and precision.

 Happy Draping!


After a successful stint of reaching across the wonderful women through our exhibitions, LIVE Showcasing of our drapes and Sarees, we as a team have taken the next step of connecting our designer collections with the world. And we decided to go ONLINE!

We have had the privilege of reaching across our customers in cities of India such as Mumbai,Bangalore,Chennai, Kolkatta, Hyderabad, Delhi and Gujarat and we have gone international with our orders from Florida, Canada,Houston, Singapore,Abu Dhabi and Cape Town.

So its time to get acquainted with the TEAM that personally sits with their weavers in UPPADA to get the best designs to you.


The quintessential Home-maker who tracks the choppy stock markets- OK that’s a full time hobby….

She collaborates with her weavers to bring forth the finest designs with a unique colour range. Having started the journey of introducing the Uppada Sarees to her customers since the last 10 years , she continues to ‘wow’ the people with the collection…..That’s not all….. she is a poet in the making!…..


If doing Ashthanga Yoga on the hills of coastal Andhra can spur a very good Idea…who wouldn’t want to grab it! Having started the Kalaneca Sarees she conquers the stage with her voice and elegance. This Award winning Anchor/Emcee is a globe trotter thanks to her Shows so while she adorns stylish dresses for her events she feels like a diva only in her exquisite Uppada Sarees.


This corporate trainer(with a leading MNC) is addicted to Social Media site and we found our enthusiast to connect with you all. She is the one who brings the Kalaneca Sarees on the social platform. And when she is not connecting with you online,she is setting the stage on fire with her grace in her dance performances….oh! And she’s a certified Scuba Diver too.

SO here you go! the trio is now set to bring to you an assortment of splendid drapes from their roots- Andhra Pradesh ……..


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